Writing a polynomial in standard form with zeros

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Standard Form of a Polynomial

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write a polynomial function in standard form with zeros at 5, -4, and

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Combine like terms and write with powers of x in descending order, which is the standard form of a polynomial function.

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This lesson considered polynomials with rational and/or complex zeros. Aug 03,  · How to Write a polynomial equation of least degree in standard form that has the given zeros?

ok say the zeros were 4, Status: Resolved. Dividing Polynomials 1 October 03, Warm-Up 10/3/14 Write a polynomial function in standard form with the given zeros.

How do you write a polynomial with Zeros: -2, multiplicity 2; 4, multiplicity 1; degree 3?

0 and 7 multiplicity 2. p(x)=x^x For a polynomial, if x=a is a zero of the function, then (x-a) is a factor of the function. We have two unique zeros: 2 and 4. However, -2 has a multiplicity of 2, which means that the factor that correlates to a zero of -2 is represented in the polynomial twice.

p(x)=x^x For a polynomial, if x=a is a zero of the function, then (x-a) is a factor of the function. We have two unique zeros: 2 and 4. However, -2 has a multiplicity of 2, which means that the factor that correlates to a zero of .

Writing a polynomial in standard form with zeros
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