Wix copyfile overwrite a file

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I just can't seem to get the syntax correct. My application works in tandem with another off-the-shelf application. There is a companion file attribute on the > File node within WiX, which forces the file to follow the > versioning rules of the specified companion file.

> > > denverfoplodge41.coma wrote: > > > > Hi, > > > > How to overwrite forcibly a file which ignores file version > and timestamp?

WiX: A Developers Guide to Windows Installer XML

> > > > I want to overwrite forcibility a file during patch. Hi there, I am having problem with my WIX installer and I wonder if there anyone can help me out.

The problem is I need to check if this file “denverfoplodge41.com” exists in the installation folder, copy a new file if it doesn’t exist otherwise ignore. Below is the Snippet (from denverfoplodge41.com) of component of the file which need to be copied. I don't think del services are processed at all.

You can't copy the file because starting in win10, the driver's pages are backed by the image itself, not the pagefile. See the tile index on the main Recent Change List page.

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Wix copyfile overwrite a file
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WIX installer - copy file into another applications directory