Study on the satisfaction with postnatal care

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Study on satisfaction regarding intrapartum and postpartum nursing care among women

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Across the continuum of antenatal, perinatal, and postnatal care, the assessment of maternal satisfaction with antenatal care is not well documented in Belgium. Christiaens & Bracke focused on the place of birth and maternal satisfaction, which gave valuable insights in this area, but specific research related to the satisfaction with antenatal.

This study explored women‟s perceived quality of postnatal care and level of satisfaction in the Ledzokuku Krowor Municipal Assembly (LEKMA) hospital. Methods: A cross sectional study of women was conducted at the LEKMA hospital.

Studies consistently highlight in-patient postnatal care as the area of maternity care women are least satisfied with.

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As part of a quality improvement study to promote a continuum of care from the birthing room to discharge home from hospital, we explored women's expectations and experiences of. Updated frequently, the Maternal satisfaction with postnatal care Search Pack includes journal articles, original research, literature reviews, commentaries, news items and case reports on all aspects of topic, from hospital care to home visits.

The study design was descriptive cross sectional and utilized quantitative data collection and analysis method to determine structural, process and outcome components of postnatal care in two facilities that offer emergency obstetric and neonatal care and five that offer basic emergency obstetric and neonatal care.

Background. Pregnancy and the postnatal period is a period of potential vulnerability for women and families. It is UK policy that all women are asked about their mental health and wellbeing early in pregnancy and following the birth to help detect potential problems and prevent serious adverse outcome.

Study on the satisfaction with postnatal care
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Assessment of quality of postnatal care services offered to mothers in Dedza district, Malawi