Coloured lined paper for dyslexia

Coloured Page Overlays

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Tinted Exercise Books, Pads & Paper

I used two different sizes of ceramic bowls lined with baking paper: The larger bowl for. Coloured Paper, Pads, Exercise & Note Books.

A selection of sometimes hard to find paper products. Coloured paper in particular can be helpful to people with Scotopic Sensitivity (Mears-Irlen) Syndrome.

dyslexia irlen pad, light green great writing paper for dyslexics, sore eyes PUKKA PADS IRLEN TESTED QUALITY sheets A4 LINED/5. A host of products claim to relieve this so-called visual stress, especially products that change the background colour of the page, such as tinted glasses and coloured overlays.

Products useful to relieve Irlen syndrome Coloured paper school exercise - workbooks Coloured and ruled staitionery to help those with Irlen syndrome.

Top tips for creating Dyslexia friendly print materials. - AltFormat is an independent portal focusing on how developments in the production of alternative format materials are transforming the education of visually impaired and dyslexic students of all ages.

Coloured lined paper for dyslexia
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Tinted Exercise Books, Pads & Paper