Codesynthesis xsd command line

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Using XSD with Microsoft Visual Studio

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Tree/Customization guide

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Using XSD with Microsoft Visual Studio

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From Code Synthesis Wiki. Jump to: There your should see two rules for CodeSynthesis XSD: one is for C++/Tree and the other is for C++/Parser. code into several DLLs then your will need to use the --import-maps and --export-maps options as discussed in the XSD Compiler Command Line Manual.

When entering a regular expression argument in the shell command line it is often necessary to use quoting If the input file is not a valid W3C XML Schema definition BUGS. Send bug reports to the [email protected] mailing list.

Code Synthesis is a systems software development company with a focus on build systems, object persistence, domain-specific languages (DSL) and their mappings, compiler design, code generation, and source-to-source translation for the C++ programming language.

Revision This revision of the manual describes the C++/Tree mapping as implemented by CodeSynthesis XSD version This It is automatically accessible from a C++ compilation unit that includes a header file generated from an XML Schema definition.

(see the XSD compiler command line manual for more information on shell quoting. These files specify the command line, output files, and options for the XSD compiler.

XML Schema Definition Tool (Xsd.exe)

They also provide the GUI-based presentation which allows you to configure the schema compilation process in a way similar to the built-in tools such as the C++ compiler and linker.

The semantics of providing options in a file is equivalent to providing the same set of options in the same order in the command line at the point where the --options-file option is specified except that shell escaping and quoting is not required.

Repeat this option to specify more than one options files.

Codesynthesis xsd command line
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