Biomes project

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Exploring Biomes in Gorongosa National Park

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Biomes[ soil ] At the bottom of the pit are two different biomes:. Credits: Copyright © Missouri Botanical Garden. The size of your project is not important, as long as you can include plants (min.

4), animals (min. 3), land, and other elements that will increase student understanding of your biome. Your project must. VDOT offers a variety of maps, some free and some for a nominal charge. To order free maps, check the appropriate box or boxes and fill in the address fields below.

Keith's Eden Project web site, latest information, photos, tips when to visit and where to stay, Eden Sessions info, by a local person. Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique is a region with high ecological diversity, containing several different vegetation types and two distinct biomes.

This activity is designed to introduce students to the concept of biomes using Gorongosa National Park as a case study. As students complete the. TeachersFirst's research unit on biomes provides an introduction to the major biomes, a format for a research project, and suggestions for web-based research on each biome.

Introduction Every biome of the world is a truly magical place.

What is a Biome? Biomes project
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Biomes - a problem-based learning project